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Blue Haven Campground

Enjoy the tranquility of the North Branch of the Great Chazy River flowing through the heart of the campground.

Blue Haven Campground Blue Haven Campground

Blue Haven Campground

The Campground is located in the foothills of New York's Adirondack Mountains on Lake Roxanne in Ellenburg Depot.

Blue Haven Campground Blue Haven Campground

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In a vacation home you will enjoy a recreational experience
in a majestic setting on the edge of New Yorks Adirondacks.

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Blue Haven Campground Testimonials

Happy Campers!

Blue Haven Campground Happy Campers!


Dear John:

Well, season two for me and it was over far too soon. Needless to say, I was much more comfortable in the trailer than in the pop up.
I made some new friends and even found out that one of the new neighbors who moved in at the end of the season from another part of the
campsite recognized me and it turned out she does not live far from me. I was thinking that maybe next year it would nice to get all the
people say on the South Shore of Montreal or anyone other campers who want to come, and have a get together in January or February.
Needless to say, I will be back next year and I know I will make new friends.

I want to wish Dave, Mike, Teresa and all the others who kept this campsite running so well all the best for the rest of the year, and I look
forward to seeing them again next Spring.

Cedar 3


Hi John,

As our fourth season at Blue Haven is set to begin next year, we look forward to another season of the experience which takes away from the
everyday workday routines that so many of us endure every week. Blue Haven is a prime example of being able to get away from the pressures of
everyday life for a few days each week, and to relaxing with the family and many friends we have there. Some are old, and some are new found, but
all share the feeling brought about by the surroundings and atmosphere that augment the camping experience, and make weekends all that more pleasant.
I know that you and your team work hard to make this atmosphere possible, and you should know that it is appreciated, even if you don't hear it
all the time. Blue haven is a nice place to be, and we hope to be there for many seasons to come. Last year I recommended the campsite to a
colleague of mine, who brought his family for the weekend in the Log Cabin which he rented. He and his family echo our sentiments of the campsite,
and he has assured me that they will be back next season.

Keep up the good work,

The Hawthorne's; Graham, Sharon, & Kevin


Myself, husband, and 2 young children have been campers at Blue Haven heading into our fourth season. It is the most wonderful place to escape
from the daily grind, not to mention how wonderful it is to watch our children run and play outside (all day long) knowing they are safe.

There are so many activities for the kids to do, time for us parents to relax and unwind..and memories in the making ! How could you go
wrong choosing to spend your summers with us?



My wife and I have been camping here for the past 24 yrs. The staff and management provide a wide array of facilities and services.
They maintain the park in pristine condition. We have camped in many other campgrounds in the past and that is where they will stay,
in the past, because we have found our home away from home here at Blue Haven . Thank you John Momot and staff.

The campers have organized a volunteer social committee to plan events for the children, as well as the adults. The committee is well
supported by the staff and campers alike.

Ken & Georgia


To the staff and office of Blue Haven Campground:

This was the first time I ever stayed at one campsite for a season, and the experience was awesome.
I was introduced to Blue Haven by a friend who is a long standing camper at Blue Haven for over 20 years and fell in love with
the place, the people, the atmosphere and all around feel of the Blue Haven. I only had one friend when I started the Summer, and
by the end I had many friends. I think the people are important, but also the attention by the staff to the campsite itself made Blue Haven
a clean, safe and really relaxed place to spend a Summer. Needless to say, I will be back next year and will really get to enjoy my new tralier.
In the month of June I decided that I was going to trade in my pop up for a trailer and did so with the help of the staff at Momot Trailer.
I was very happy with the time and attention they gave me in choosing a new trailer, as I asked a lot of questions this being the first time I
had ever purchased a trailer of this type. I enjoyed immensely the activities, dances and everything else that went on at Blue Haven. The people
were extremely friendly, and helpful when I needed it. The staff who worked on a daily basis at Blue Haven were friendly, helpful and always a
pleasure to speak to.
I would defintely recommend Blue Haven to friends and know that they would also fall in love with the all around atmosphere and beauty of Blue Haven.



We are campers at Blue Haven Campground in Ellenburgh Depot, New York. Our children grew up here. We have enjoyed the many activities that
you have to offer for both children and adults of all ages. A park for kids, 2 pools with water activities, biking, hiking, picnics, field trips,
baseball, basketball, volley ball courts, shuffleboard and horse shoes to name a few. We have enjoyed and been entertained throughout the years with
all the social functions, including clogging, line dancing, the arrival of Santa Claus, Christmas in July and Octoberfest. You name it, we have done it
all and enjoyed it thoroughly. Just wanted to say thank you and let you know we look forward to our 31st. year with you. What a wonderful getaway
Blue Haven is from the rest of the world.

Joanne and Peter