Welcome to Momot Country

Our facility offers a state of the art RV service center, a well stocked accessories store and an indoor showroom.

Welcome to Momot Country Welcome to Momot Country

Blue Haven Campground

Enjoy the tranquility of the North Branch of the Great Chazy River flowing through the heart of the campground.

Blue Haven Campground Blue Haven Campground

Blue Haven Campground

The Campground is located in the foothills of New York's Adirondack Mountains on Lake Roxanne in Ellenburg Depot.

Blue Haven Campground Blue Haven Campground

Vacation Home Sales

In a vacation home you will enjoy a recreational experience
in a majestic setting on the edge of New Yorks Adirondacks.

Country Lodge Rentals Country Lodge Rentals

Canadian Export

We will be as helpful as you need to get your new unit back into Canada properly!

Things you will need before you get to the border;

1.  No Recall letter

       a.  More information from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles; http://www.riv.ca/english/html/recall_clearance.html   

2.  Proof of ownership;

a.  Certificate of Origin

b.  Certificate of Title

c.  For motorized units the original certificate of title for your vehicle must be submitted to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at least 72 hours before the vehicle is exported from the United States.

d.  More information;

3.  Proof of purchase on our Company letterhead;

a.  Bill of Sale, Invoice or Sales Contract

4.  Fumigation certification on used units.

Fees you will need to pay at the time you cross the border;

1.  You pay “RIV” program

a.  Type of payment; credit card only

b.  Fee approximately $205 to $225 CNF

c.  More information;

d.  RIV is not need if;

i.  The vehicle if fifteen years old or older. You determine the age of the vehicle by the month and year it was MANUFACTURE. Be careful that you don’t use model year.

ii.  The vehicle was originally manufactured and certified to meet Canadian safety standards.
        More information; http://www.riv.ca/english/html/about_riv.html

2.  Canada National Tax

a.  Fee 5%

b.  Type of Payment; cash or credit card

3.  Environmental impact for Air Conditioning if applicable

a.  Fee is $100.00 CNF

b.  Type of Payment; cash or credit card

4.  Duty

a.  Most vehicles will not be required to pay any duty if manufactured in United States, Canada or Mexico.

Fees you will need to pay at the time you Title or register unit;

1.  Provencial tax will be paid when you title or Register the camper