Keeping Cool This Camping Season?

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RV Air Conditioner Maintenance Must Do’s Source: When we think of camper or RV maintenance what comes to mind is cleaning awnings, checking your roof and seals, the batteries, tanks, and so on. However, your air conditioning is just … Continued

What are you doing for your camper?


What kind of maintenance have you been doing for your camper? Are you taking preventative measures, scheduling them out, or only treating them in emergency situations? These three types of camper maintenance are all VERY important but you shouldn’t just … Continued

PRVN: Emergency Service Program


We Are Proud to be a Priority RV Network Dealer! “The Priority RV Network (PRVN) provides Superior Value, Nationwide Service from the Best RV Dealers in the World. We have 126 locations throughout the USA! And, with our emergency service partnership … Continued

Meet Our Service Technicians


Meet Our Service Technicians!   Our service technicians are dedicated to making sure everyone’s RVs stay in top notch condition for years to come! Here at Momot Trailer Sales, we know that getting out on the road and enjoying our great … Continued

Do You Have A Leaky Roof?

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Get Your Leaks Fixed! Spring time is beautiful but the rain can get quite nasty. Let’s not forget the melted snow that was on your camper as well. Have you inspected the seams of your camper? The walls? See anything … Continued

Maintaining Your Camper

Summer is almost here and camping season is creeping up! We’re so excited for this beautiful season to begin, to make memories and to enjoy the camping experience with others. Part of camping is making sure what you’re camping in … Continued

Camper Roof Guide


This guide from will come in handy if you’re inspecting your camper’s roof! Keep up on maintaining your roof and save some money in the long run! The more you check on it regularly the better. You don’t want … Continued

Schedule a Service Appointment!


When was the last time your camper had a service? It’s important to schedule out inspections and maintenance repairs for your camper so it remains great working order for years to come. Do you remember the last time your awnings … Continued

Battery Information & Testing


COLD TESTING YOUR RV BATTERY The most common question I get asked while working in the store is questions about batteries.  RV house or coach batteries need to be true deep cycle batteries that are designed to provide a steady … Continued